The American Dog Epidemic

About The Author

Jackie Eckert, author and dog trainer specializing in problematic dog behaviors, busts nine common myths that are causing our dogs—and their owners—anxiety and unease.

Jackie Eckert has developed her revolutionary insights and pioneering training approach while working with hundreds of dogs and dog owners for over twenty years. After practicing for several years and becoming frustrated with the commonly-taught training modalities, which provide dog owners with little relief, she started questioning: Why do so many more people struggle with their dogs’ behavior today than in years past? And why, even when we supply our dogs with so much love and luxury, do our dogs seem more neurotic than ever before? The conclusions she came to completely changed her training approach. In this book, she challenges the norm, providing a new understanding of what’s really happening with our dogs. Eckert shares her extraordinary discoveries and her practical “Real-Life” training methods to help people and their dogs live happier lives together.

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A captivating must-read for all dog owners and dog enthusiasts.

This book can change your life—and your dog’s life!