The American Dog Epidemic

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“Although I wouldn’t say my dog has behavior problems, I always dread taking my dog out. If we walk on a busy trail, she pulls. By the time we’re finished, I’m exhausted from being pulled the entire time. I thought it was because she was so excited to go on a walk. But, after reading Jackie’s book, I realize my behavior is causing my dog’s behavior! It’s time to use her training approach and make our walks more fun for both of us.”—R.K., owner of 3 dogs

Rave Reviews

“The book was very thought provoking and made me see the relationship people have with their dogs in a whole new way. The beginning of the book hooked me! It seems clear that people have a lot of false beliefs about what dogs want and that creates problematic behaviors. We have the power to change it, if we change how we think.”—J.S., reader

Rave Reviews

"Just as Dr. Gray gave us insight into the vast differences between man and woman, Eckert gives us profound understanding of the species, Canis. With over 15 years training dogs, who better could dispute the claim "man's best friend?" Delve in and discover the ways in which we've been wrong all along."—B. B., pet owner

The American Dog Epidemic: Why Dog Behavior Goes Wrong and a Path to Rescue Us All




In The American Dog Epidemic: Why Dog Behavior Goes Wrong and a Path to Rescue Us All, Jackie Eckert provides groundbreaking insights and solutions. As a dog trainer specializing in problematic dog behaviors, with over twenty years of experience working with hundreds of dogs, Eckert challenges the norm and approaches the almost-forbidden subject of what’s really happening to our dogs. In this book, she shares her extraordinary discoveries and her pioneering training approach to help people and their dogs live happier lives together.

Discover the Real Issues:
Dogs misbehave in various environments, from your home to the local dog park. Leash pulling, behavior outbursts in public, separation anxiety, jumping up on people, not listening, excessive barking, aggression, and more—these are common problems that call for an innovative perspective.

Unlock a Different Approach:
Explore concepts that have been hidden from dog professionals and owners alike. This book reveals unique insights into how dogs think and learn, challenging popular training methods that have failed us. It’s time for a revolutionary shift in our understanding.

Practical Training Solutions:
Immerse yourself in innovative training ideas that actually work. Say goodbye to ineffective methods and welcome practical, easy-to-understand techniques. These “Real-Life” methods will transform your dog’s behavior and improve your bond.

Bust the Dog Myths:
Are we unknowingly contributing to the problem? Discover how our own behaviors and society’s misconceptions have fueled the American dog epidemic. By altering our destructive course, we can improve the lives of dogs and everyone around them.

If you’re ready to give yourself and your dog the lives you deserve, read this honest and radically different book and learn how popular training modalities and our own behaviors are creating dogs (and humans!) that need to be rescued.